Now To Next: Helping You Pursue Your Financial Dreams

Mason Advisory Group has developed a comprehensive yet personalized process of getting to know your unique life scenario and defining your specific financial objectives and goals. Our Now to Next consultative process helps ensure we gather all the necessary information and nuances about your investment and planning requirements so that we can consistently advise in your best Interest as we move forward together.


1. Stepping into Your Financial Future

Our first step is obtaining your basic data and confirming through an initial phone consultation that there’s a good fit between your situation and needs with our services.


2. Defining Your Purpose for The Next Chapter in Life

Our next step is to conduct a comprehensive questionnaire (which is returned to us) followed by a face-to-face meeting to discuss, clarify and verify your financial specifics and circumstances in detail. Based on the outcome of this in-depth meeting, we will research, analyze and formulate a complete set of deliverable recommendations.


3. Knowing What’s Next; Building A Plan to Get There

The third step is to have a planning meeting in which your unique set of situational and financial recommendations are presented and discussed, along with action items, implementation, advisor fees and new client paperwork.


4. Ensuring A Rewarding Onboard Experience

The final step is you experiencing as a client our “world class” customer service including individual access to your preferred account aggregation online portal and weekly updates.


At Mason Advisory Group, we are committed to not only helping you progress toward meeting your financial goals with confidence but also to make your customer experience with us as rewarding and fulfilling as possible.
Why not take that first step today toward achieving your financial dreams?


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